The top London plays and musicals you must go to

In case you are a fan of musicals, then you will certainly love any of these shows.

Undoubtedly, among some of the best musical shows in London are the long running favourites which keep attracting global audiences. A favorite among the fans surely has to be the show initially produced by Joe Mantello. The musical takes viewers into a world of witches and spells, with a cast recognised for their impressive vocal abilities. Often referred to as the ‘genre of the moment’, musicals are a fantastic artistic outlet that can be used to discuss social and political issues in a clever and lighthearted manner. Musicals are fantastic at teaching history, being based on characters or individuals from the past. If you are about to take your family to watch a musical, picking one that is based on historical events is a great way to both appreciate a good performance and learn interesting facts about the past.

From modern plays to award-winning musicals, London has something to offer for all viewers. Some of the greatest London musicals are performed in the city’s West End, a distinct neighborhood of Central London that is a prominent visitor attraction. Many refer to the West End as the best place to watch a musical in the world, and rightly so. From long-running hit performances to the most recent hits, London has become the home of musicals. Over the years, numerous British entrepreneurs have invested into the entertainment industry, such as Sally Greene, who has actually co-produced musicals and plays performed at the West End. While most of them are not readily available to view and appreciate all year round, there are various other musicals for you to find enjoyment in if you happen to visit the West End.

As per recent reports in the scene, the city has the chance to be the residence of one of the excellent performances co-directed by Jesse Jones. Considered as one of the best West End shows right now, the play throws viewers way back in 1997, with the action transpiring in an English comprehensive school. After being incredibly well-received at locations across the country, you can now appreciate watching this play at the West End too. This play is ideal for all comedy lovers to see, as it combines an interesting story with engaging dialogue.

The West End has a reputation of being expensive and the best London plays always appear to be sold out. Having said that, there are some little-known ways in which you can find budget-friendly or last-minute tickets to a musical. There are multiple websites that offer clients cheaper prices if they purchase both show tickets and a hotel stay. This might be a nice option if you are travelling from outside of London and want to have the chance to truly experience this amazing city.

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